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The Online Donation service for the Gurdwara Fund is currently undergoing construction.

For the time being, please contact the Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh’s Office / Committee for donations as follows:

Contact person:
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Secretary, Mr. Jit Singh : +6019.526.0316
Treasurer, Mr. Mohinder Singh : +6012.728.1428

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Wadda Gurdwara Sahib Ipoh (WGSI) represented all Sikhs for Inter-Faith Prayer session organised by Perak Women for Woman Society and Malaysian for Malaysia Movement supported by WGSI. It was attended by popular activist Datuk Marina Mahathir and also in attendance was members from the various religion who prayed for the Wellbeing of Malaysia and pray for a better 2015. Giani Rajendar Singh led the prayers by doing Ardas to ask for Sarbat da Bhala. Mr. Mohinder Singh, Treasurer of WGSI attended and spoke representing the Sikh faith on the steps taken by Sikhs to pray for better 2015 especially with New Year Eve prayers, prayers for the flood victims, prayers organised for MH370, MH17 and also for QZ8501, collection for food items from public initiated by #GERAKSIKH and WGSI which was disbursed to victims in badly hit area in Kampung Gajah etc.
Thursday at 15:49